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théorie farfelue sur Jefferson et Killian Jones Empty théorie farfelue sur Jefferson et Killian Jones

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Could Killian Jones Be Jefferson's Father?
théorie farfelue sur Jefferson et Killian Jones Hookha10
So I pose the question, are they possibly related?

My personal theory stems from the fact that Killian and Milah were together for many years. It’s not like they have magical birth control in the Enchanted Forest. Besides, Milah and Killian truly loved one another and probably planned to never part. Having a son to carry on his legacy would be an honor. They had Jefferson, and Killian couldn’t be a prouder father. His favorite memory was giving Jefferson his first wooden sword. Jefferson jumped in excitement and chased seagulls around on the beach. Occasionally, he’d attack Smee with it.

When the boy was around the age of six or seven, the scene in The Crocodile happened, and Rumpel killed Milah. Jefferson was below deck at the time. Killian realized the journey for revenge could lead to Jefferson’s death. He decided to take his son to Neverland. In his mind, he believed he could get his revenge then pick up Jefferson where they left off since the boy wouldn’t age. But Killian didn’t realize the danger of Neverland. When they landed, the Lost Ones came for Jefferson. They took the boy by force for Peter Pan. Killian lost both Milah and his son in the same day. It’s part of the reason he fought to keep Baelfire on his ship. He didn’t want to see another child of Milah lost.

Jefferson, on the other hand, believed his father abandoned him. He waited several lifetimes for Killian’s return. When his father was actually around, Killian focused on getting revenge permanently damaging their relationship. Fed up with it, Jefferson searched for a way to escape Neverland. In Once Upon a Time, we haven’t been told if Wonderland is Jefferson’s home world. We know he’s been there previously. I pose the idea that Jefferson finds a rabbit hole and falls through it to Wonderland. There he learns trading, how to be a Hatter, makes friends, and builds his own life.

Killian is devastated at the loss of his son.

When Jefferson makes it to the Enchanted Forest, he forms a business partnership with Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpel sees potential in Jefferson’s abilities and trains him in some magic, but not in the same as Cora and Regina. Also with his future sight, he sees that Jefferson will aid him in the future with Regina. Rumpel only focuses on skills that aid in Jefferson’s world hopping. But something familiar about the young man nags at the back of Rumpel’s mind. He asks about Jefferson’s history. Thinking he can trust his new mentor, Jefferson tells him about Killian and Neverland the same way Baelfire told Killian about his father’s weaknesses. Rumpel doesn’t let on he knows the Captain but realizes he can use Jefferson’s anger towards his father against Hook in the future if it ever arose.

In Storybrooke, Killian realizes that Jefferson is there. As much as he wants revenge, here’s an opportunity to get his son back and another connection to Milah. But there’s one factor he never predicted: Grace. Now he has a granddaughter he never met. Grace and Jefferson start Killian on a path to reform his ways somewhat. He’s always going to be a pirate and a rule breaker. This path is different. He refuses to risk his family’s lives anymore. He lost Jefferson once and will not lose him again.

That doesn’t mean they’re completely safe from Rumpelstiltskin and other threats…

We have to also address both characters’ ability to world hop.  It’s such a unique skill that very few characters in this show have. It seems that all the characters who can world hop are connected. Rumpel knows both Jefferson and Victor through trade. He’s an adversary to the Blue Fairy who gave Baelfire the bean to go to another world. He’s the archenemy to Hook. I believe that Hook world hopped as a pirate with Milah and baby Jefferson. In Tiny, the giants said that the beans take a century of labor to grow. The humans used to trade beans with the giants to travel to other worlds. This was said in the same time period as Prince James who is the same age as David. Killian is hundreds of years older than they are. He could have lived in the same time period the giants are referring to and had ample access to the magic beans. Being a pirate, he could have stolen many of them. I believe he world hopped with his family for years before Rumpel killed Milah.


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