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David Anders - Docteur Whale/Frankenstein Empty David Anders - Docteur Whale/Frankenstein

Message par Milady le Mer 7 Aoû - 15:04

Une interview de David Anders à propos de ses différents rôles
David Anders - Docteur Whale/Frankenstein Whale10


La partie concernant Once Upon a Time

You play Dr. Frankenstein on Once Upon a Time. Did you watch the old movies to get inspiration for your character?
Maybe Young Frankenstein! Whenever I think of Frankenstein I think of Gene Wilder and his brilliant turn in that brilliant movie. So when that part was offered and they said I was going to be Frankenstein, I said, “Sure!” It took us about a year to get into it but we got into it and it’s working out pretty well.

If you could trade places with any character on Once Upon a Time, who would it be?  
I’d probably trade places with Colin [O’Donoghue]. Captain Hook’s pretty fun. I don’t know if I could do it any better than he does. He does a great job. It’s a great part that's written really well.

Si il pouvait échanger sa place pour un autre personnage? Il prendrait la place de Colin O'Donoghue pour jouer Hook Wink

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